Policies Non-negotiable!

Design Production

All work is created using professional design programs in order to execute all graphics that are distributed. All work is high quality in order to achieve a refined look. Clients may request free-style designs or projects. However, free-style designs or projects are created based on the aesthetic choices of the Designer. Freestyle designs will only be allowed one edit for color changes and text or image position changes only. Changing anything other than what is mentioned on a design that has been freestyled will require an additional fee - no exceptions. Designs can not be switched out for different or new designs. No refunds will be given at all after a design has been paid for (this is non-negotiable). CMH Graphics outsources all designs that are printed. Designs that are being printed will come from a different printing company.

E-Book & Mock-ups

All E-Books & Mock-Ups are final purchase. After purchasing, the buyer will recieve all digital products via email. E-books will only be sent to the buyer who has made the purchase. Misplacement of the e-book or mock-ups after being sent via email will require the buyer to re-purchase it - no exceptions. The buyer has 7 days from the date of purchase to download all mock-ups.

Copyright & Credit

CMH Graphics reserves the right to add completed designs and projects to online portfolios, watermarks and logos on all completed graphics and a website credit to the footer of a client's website. Design concepts that are not chosen have the right to be used elsewhere by CMH Graphics. Any concepts that are used by the client and not paid for will be in violation of CMH Graphics' rights and you can be sued. You may purchase the copyrights to a design from the Designer, which also includes the native program file, hex color codes and fonts for branding purposes. This process will require a fee that is additional to the design's original price. A copyright transfer agreement will need to be signed by both parties, in addition to the fee being paid for full ownership (see section 9 paragraph 3 for more details). All of this must be done prior to everything being released to the Client.

Currency & Payment

All payment for designs must be made digitally via an online payment service. Cash payments for design work is not accepted and neither is credit or debit card payments. A paper trail is necessary in order to maintain accurate records for all design work that has been purchased. Payment is recieved via the following online payment services:

  • Venmo
  • Apple Pay
  • Zelle
  • Cash App

Design Classes

All classes are final purchase and may not be exchanged for other classes. The class that is selected and purchased is the one that will be distributed. The purchased class will only be sent to the buyer who has made the purchase. If a class is purchased by accident due to a lack of reading the correct information listed, that is not any fault of the Instructor. Pre-Sign Up classes or master courses can be paid for before the class or master course is actually released. This is indicated on the flyer that is posted, which says "pre-sign up available." It is your responisbility to read before sending any payment (refunds will not be given at all). The student will be given access to the class or course that was pre-paid when the it is officially released. They will also be sent all materials for the class or course. All classes expire 30 days from the date of purchase. 3 Class Bundles expire 90 days after the date of purchase. Master Courses expire 60 days from the date of purchase. Refunds for design classes will not be issued. All payment is final.

Edits & Revisions

There is a 2 free edit limit. Edits can not be transferred to another design or project in the future and may only be used on the current design or project that has been completed. Any edits that are still needed after the first 2 will require an editing fee. Fees for additional edits are to be paid before any new changes are made on the current design. If the information that the client originally sends is not correct or not specified initially, then there will potential editing fees to make changes (that is to be decided by the Designer). The 2 free edits are only applied to existing text and images, not any new information that needs to be added. If the design that the Client asked for was disliked and they wish to have a new design created, a new fee will apply that may or may not be the same price as the initial design. All pre-made templates will not be allowed any edits, since the design was already made before it was purchased.

Turnaround & Files

Each design or project will have a different turnaround time. It is determined by the complexity of the graphics being created. The more complex, the longer the turnaround time will be. Times will be extended if edits are needed, or if necessary text or photo information is not sent in a timely fashion. The Client may pay a rush fee for quicker design production. The Designer will deliver all completed designs and projects in either of the following file formats: JPEG, PNG, PDF or HD 1080p Full HD. Design files will only be sent once to the client after project completion. A Client returning to the Designer for new or replacement files after a design or project is complete will require additional fees. The native program file may be requested, but will require an additional fee that is 3x the total price in order to be released, as it contains all of the layers and information regarding the design process, as well as how the design was constructed. The Designer owns the copyrights to all original work and concepts, unless the Client and Designer have both signed a copyright transfer agreement and the Client has purchased the native program file from the Designer.

Design Finalization

Once the Client approves their design and receives all files everything is FINAL. There will be no backtracking whatsoever unless additional payment is made for more edits.

Client Expectations

Clients will be expected to communicate, provide accurate and timely information, as well as feedback to the Designer. The Client should be clear about the vision they have for their design or project that is being created, unless a free-style design is requested. If no specific information is given by the Client, the design will automatically be freestyled. Clients are responsible for providing any photos that they would like used for their design. Providing any reference photos or sketches is helpful, but may not be necessary in some cases. Stock photos will be used if no photos are provided, or if this is the Client's preference. In regards to finished work, the Designer is not responsible for producing high quality design work with low quality photos that are provided by the Client. Any missing text or photo information that is sent after the design or project has been started will result in the turnaround time being extended. Any missing text or photo information that the Client sends after a design is started will also require an additional inconvenience fee. The Designer is not responsible for any incorrect text or photo information that is sent to execute a design or project. The Client should send all necessary text and photo information so that the Designer may begin working on the design and or project. The Client should have all of their information prepared prior to the start of a design or project. The client has 14 days after payment is made to send any and all information to the Desinger so that the design process can be started. Any infomation that is sent after this time frame will required a project renewal fee. This is non-negotiable and no refunds will be given - not exceptions. No work will be started until the fee is paid, which is 50% of the total. If the renewal fee is not paid within two weeks after the 14 day time period, then an additional $50 inconvienience fee will be added to the renewal fee that is still due. If the Client refuses to pay the project renewal fee and inconvenece fee, then the project will be terminated and no refunds will be given.

Abandoned Work

Design work is considered abandoned if edits for designs and projects have not been requested and paid for within a 7 day time period after the completed work is sent. Designs and projects are also abandoned if there is no communication from the Client for 14 days or more after the design or project has been started. Renewal of the active design or project after these 14 days will require a renewal fee, which is 35% of the total. The renewal fee is due on the date of renewal - no exceptions. Furthermore, if the Client fails to communicate 14 days after renewing the design or project, a second and final renewal fee will be due that is 35% of the total. If the Client does not wish to continue, there will be no renewal fee and the design or project will be terminated and discarded (effective immediately). No refunds will be given - no exceptions. The Designer has the right to post all abandoned work via social media and and all online portfolios with the use of a watermark.

Unforeseen Events

Any activities that lead to injuries or other losses resulting from such events that cause the Designer to fail to perform based on the concepts of impossibility or impracticality are unforeseen. Events that are outside of human control or any other natural disasters will result in design or project delays. Due to any unforeseen events that are beyond the Designer's control, the design or project will be completed by the Designer as it is able to be completed.

Automatic Working Agreement

You are responsible for reading the existing policy before choosing to work with CMH Graphics. Any part of the policy that has not been read prior to payment being made and projects being started is not any fault of the Designer. By choosing to work with CMH Graphics, you are automatically in full agreement with all policies listed above. All policies are non-negotiable.