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FREE Mini Business Marketing Checklist!

My e-book will give you info to help successfully market your business.

As a business owner, you need to make sure that you have everything set up correctly so that you can successfully market any products or services that your brand offers. Marketing is very important for successful business growth. If you would like to know what you need in order to do this, instantly download this free e-book down below!

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How to Price Your Design Work Guide!

My e-book will teach you how to establish the correct prices for your design work!

The purpose for this e-book is to teach graphic designers how they can properly price their work no matter what skill level they are. Often times graphic designers struggle with the task of pricing work and can sometimes undermine their value. Are you charging too much or too little? Well, have no fear! My e-book will guide you through this common challenge that all of us designers experience. Learn how you can not only set your prices, but be confident in your prices as well. I do not want any designer to feel discouraged by clients who may not see their value. Based on my own experiences, I know that pricing design work can be tricky. However, once you are able to figure out the strategy, it will be easy to do every time! Please take a look at the overview down below.

How to Price Your Design Work is broken into 3 sections of useful content:

1. Flat Rate Pricing - Learn how to establish flat rate prices!

2. Hourly Rate Pricing - Learn how to establish hourly rate prices!

3. 10 Bonus Pricing Tips - What to do and what not to do when setting prices!

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