Become a better Graphic Designer!

My e-book will teach you graphic design strategies and how to succeed!

The purpose for this book is to encourage graphic designers and help them understand how they can establish themselves by creating a successful foundation in order to navigate through the world of graphic design. As an experienced graphic designer, I believe that anything is possible with the proper knowledge and determination. With the right information and access to resources, you can succeed in this field! My experiences have helped me to grow, develop and be successful by making money doing what I love. In return, I would like to share my knowledge with other aspiring graphic designers or individuals who are interested in becoming a graphic designer. Once you learn how to use the tools, the sky is the limit! Please take a look at the book's overview down below.

The World of Design is broken down into 6 main sections of useful content:

1. Find your niche - Discover your special talent.

2. Refine your skill set - Grow and develop your talent.

3. Display your work - Showcase your best portfolio.

4. Price your work - Understand the value of your work.

5. Market yourself - Successfully promote your work.

6. Find loyal clients - Connect with loyal clients.

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What you need for a Successful Site!

My e-book will give you an organized guide for the perfect website. 

Get all of the information that should be listed on your website in order to successfully run your business and attract potential clients or customers. Make sure that you have everything needed for your website in the correct order before designing it yourself, or before selecting a website designer to do it for you. This e-book will help you to understand what you should do and what you should not do when operating your new or existing website for your business. 

Payment is accepted via Apple Pay, Zelle, Cash App or Venmo.